Dropout Fund by Eigenspace

Dropout Fund by Eigenspace

This spring, Eigenspace is offering students at the University of Waterloo access to our programming and office hours to help them build their next company. This program is a bit of experiment that is lead by our co-op student, Melissa Gibbon, designed by a student for students.

Learn and grow with David Crow and Jesse Rodgers, find your path to success! You will get in-person workshops and office hours to help turn your idea into a business.

Program begins May 2022, deadline for Applications is March 15th, acceptance into program to be determined before April 1st.

How does this program work?

We are looking for 10-20 teams of students or recent graduates to enter our 10 week program that is designed to provide you real education about how Venture Capital works and how to start your company. At the end of the program we are hoping to have at least 1 company that we would invest $50 000 in. This is designed to be a competitive. Dollars are awarded to teams as they progress and we will be cutting teams.

We will provide some money, $2000, to up to 10 teams at the 4th week of our program and another $5000 to our final 5 teams. At the end we would like to invest $50 000 in at least 1 company.

Is that really enough money to drop out?

No. But if you are serious about starting a company and would like to receive real and direct feedback along with some education that is based on experience, this is ideal for you. We will invest in the right company even if you are not graduating and choose to continue your studies.

Do you have details on the program?

You will be participants in our Eigenspace program alongside our regular founder cohort but you will get access to office hours before our founders do. We will take the time to get to know you earlier in our program as we believe over the long term, it is good for the community to meet the future startup leaders. Even if we don’t invest in you right now.

How can I learn more about this?

We are hosting info sessions on Discord on Feb 21 at 7pm ET

Eigenspace is a venture practice that coaches and invests in early stage companies. We are usually the first money in and stand with the founder through their Series A. Our startup school program helps founders understand the path of venture capital and the pace they must work at. You can then decide if you want to enter our acceleration program and seek investment from us.

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